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Distributed Systems Researcher

  • Remote
  • Contract
  • Crypto/Fiat

1 m

About Status

Status is building the tools and infrastructure for the advancement of a secure, private, and open web3.

With the high-level goals of preserving the right to privacy, mitigating the risk of censorship, and promoting economic trade in a transparent, open manner, Status is building a community where anyone is welcome to join and contribute.

As an organization, Status seeks to push the web3 ecosystem forward through research, creation of developer tools, and support of the open-source community.

As a product, Status is an open-source, Ethereum-based app that gives users the power to chat, transact, and access a revolutionary world of DApps on the decentralized web. But Status is also building foundational infrastructure for the whole Ethereum ecosystem, including the Nimbus ETH 1.0 and 2.0 clients, the Keycard hardware wallet, and the Waku messaging protocol (a continuation of Whisper).

As a team, Status has been completely distributed since inception. Our team is currently 100+ core contributors strong, and welcomes a growing number of community members from all walks of life, scattered all around the globe.

We care deeply about open source, and our organizational structure has minimal hierarchy and no fixed work hours. We believe in working with a high degree of autonomy while supporting the organization's priorities.

Who are we?

We are the Blockchain Infrastructure Team, and we are building the foundation used by other projects at the Status Network. We are researching consensus algorithms, Multi-Party Computation techniques, ZKPs and other cutting-edge solutions with the aim to take the blockchain technology to the next level of security, decentralization and scalability for a wide range of use cases. We are currently in a research phase, working with models and simulations. In the near future, we will start implementing the research. You will have the opportunity to participate in developing -and improving- the state of the art of blockchain technologies, as well as turning it into a reality


  • This role is dedicated to pure research
  • Primarily, ensuring that solutions are sound and diving deeper into their formal definition.
  • Additionally, he/she would be regularly going through papers, bringing new ideas and staying up-to-date.
  • Designing, specifying and verifying distributed systems by leveraging formal and experimental techniques.
  • Conducting theoretical and practical analysis of the performance of distributed systems.
  • Designing and analysing incentive systems.
  • Collaborating with both internal and external customers and the teams responsible for the actual implementation.
  • Researching new techniques for designing, analysing and implementing dependable distributed systems.
  • Publishing and presenting research results both internally and externally.

Ideally you will have:

[Don’t worry if you don’t meet all of these criteria, we’d still love to hear from you anyway if you think you’d be a great fit for this role!]

  • Strong background in Computer Science and Math, or a related area.
  • Academic background (The ability to analyze, digest and improve the State of the Art in our fields of interest. Specifically, familiarity with formal proofs and/or the scientific method.)
  • Distributed Systems with a focus on Blockchain
  • Analysis of algorithms
  • Familiarity with Python and/or complex systems modeling software
  • Deep knowledge of algorithms (much more academic, such as have dealt with papers, moving from research to pragmatic implementation)
  • Experience in analysing the correctness and security of distributed systems.
  • Familiarity with the application of formal method techniques.
  • Comfortable with “reverse engineering” code in a number of languages including Java, Go, Rust, etc. Even if no experience in these languages, the ability to read and "reverse engineer" code of other projects is important.
  • Keen communicator, eager to share your work in a wide variety of contexts, like internal and public presentations, blog posts and academic papers.
  • Capable of deep and creative thinking.
  • Passionate about blockchain technology in general.
  • Able to manage the uncertainties and ambiguities associated with working in a remote-first, distributed, decentralised environment.
  • A strong alignment to our principles: https://status.im/about/#our-principles

Bonus points:

  • Experience working remotely.
  • Experience working for an open source organization.
  • TLA+/PRISM would be desirable.
  • PhD in Computer Science, Mathematics, or a related area.
  • Experience Multi-Party Computation and Zero-Knowledge Proofs
  • Track record of scientific publications.
  • Previous experience in remote or globally distributed teams.

Hiring process:

The hiring process for this role will be:

  1. Interview with our People Ops team
  2. Interview with Alvaro (Team Lead)
  3. Interview with Corey (Chief Security Officer)

The steps may change along the way if we see it makes sense to adapt the interview stages, so please consider the above as a guideline.


We are happy to pay salaries in either 100% fiat or any mix of fiat and/or crypto. For more information regarding benefits at Status: https://people-ops.status.im/tag/perks/

Swarm Association

Research Team Member - Modeller

  • Remote - specific timezones
  • Contract
  • Crypto/Fiat

2 m

Research Team Member - Modeller

Swarm is a system of peer-to-peer networked nodes for a decentralised storage and communication service.

Swarm could shape the future towards a self-sovereign global society and permissionless open markets. On Swarm, applications run autonomously yet securely in a planetary-scale deployment and execution environment.

The Swarm Research Team is tasked with rigorously spelling out and analysing Swarm’s underlying theory as well as the current implementation. We create theories, write code, run experiments and make concrete suggestions to Swarm’s engineering teams for further improvements. Our work is consumed by various Swarm teams, as well as the wider (research) community.

We are looking for a profile that can help increase the understanding of Swarm and improve communication of what Swarm is by clearly articulating all of our assumptions and choices and making models to communicate, refine and challenge these.

Your role

  • Contributing to the ongoing work effort of specifying Swarm’s protocols and strategies
  • Leading the effort to build a TLA+ model of all Swarm’s protocols, basing yourself on source-code analysis and conversations with various stakeholders
  • Collaborating with the engineering and research teams to interpret the TLA+ model and draw the right conclusions
  • Communicate and validate any iteration of Swarm by means of modelling
  • Assessing Swarm’s assumed game-theoretic equilibria, using modelling frameworks such as CadCad

Your profile

  • You are a self-starter
  • You like to help others
  • You have a technical background
  • You are curious
  • You like to work remotely
  • You are analytically minded
  • You can express yourself fluently in English, both verbally and in writing

We appreciate

  • Experience with either or both TLA+ and CadCad or willing to learn
  • Understanding of Golang, Kubernetes, Grafana, Jaeger, OpenTracing and Typescript or willing to learn
  • A good grasp of distributed systems

Swarm offers/Team perks:

  • An open, flat and transparent work environment
  • 100% remote friendly
  • Flexible working hours
  • We care about our swarm: Incentives through BZZ, Swarm’s token

Should you be interested in the position, please send your CV to talent@ethswarm.org


Smart Contract Researcher

  • Remote
  • Full time
  • Fiat

6 m

Algorand builds technology that accelerates the convergence between decentralized and traditional finance. At Algorand, we have a vision where everyone creates and exchanges value efficiently, transparently, and securely. Our Employees play a critical role in executing on this vision with their ability to think beyond, have courage in all they do, succeed together, and tackle hard problems creatively.

We are looking for a talented and motivated Smart Contract Researcher to be part of the design and development of Algorand’s layer-2 smart contract architecture. You’ll be working closely with top-notch researchers and engineers. As part of the team, your responsibilities include both solving open-ending design problems and hands-on system building, testing, and analyzing. You’ll have the opportunity to influence the evolvement of important components in the system, as well as to conduct advanced research on Algorand blockchain and smart contracts.

This is an opportunity for someone who is genuinely excited by new technologies and has a passion for building products that will serve millions of users. You will be working on a fast-paced, rapidly growing, high-profile project with a significant opportunity for industry-level impact on emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. Our state-of-the-art headquarters is located in Boston, Mass. and has been updated with all of the latest safety features. We love to work with New England talent and relocate people to the area; however, we are happy to talk to candidates across the United States to discuss remote opportunities.

This Job is For You if You’re:

  • Genuinely excited to solve complex problems
  • Passionate about blockchain technology and/or cryptocurrency
  • Obsessed with building products that millions of users will touch
  • Interested in remote and in-office flexibility

Our Smart Contract Researchers:

  • Devise innovative ideas for solving hard technical problems involving distributed systems, scale, and security, and then translate these ideas into technical designs and implementation.
  • Are great communicators and highly advanced technically, solving a vast array of open-ended problems.
  • Are a key part of an inclusive environment that fosters collaboration and creativity both internally and externally.

Your Qualifications & Our Requirements:

  • Postgraduate degree in Computer Science or a related technical field
  • Demonstrable expertise in programming language and/or distributed systems
  • In-depth building experience of computer systems, networks, interpreters, or compilers
  • Expertise in distributed ledgers and smart contracts favorable but not required
  • Great communication and teamwork

Our Commitment to You:

Algorand is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. For individuals with disabilities who would like to request an accommodation during the interview process, please advise your recruiter.

Our compensation package is generous, including a competitive cash compensation and an equity position in the organization. Our benefits programs are top tier, with 99.99% of benefits premiums for our Employees and their families paid for by the Company.

The Washington Post

Meta Inc. Reporter

  • On site
  • Full time
  • Fiat

7 m

Application Instructions

Please list all professional experience and explain any gaps in employment history. All of your application materials, which may include PDF files of work samples and/or links to audio, video, photography or graphics, must be uploaded to the field labeled Resume/Cover Letter/Work Samples to be considered for the position.

Job Description

The Washington Post is seeking an ambitious and resourceful reporter to cover the newly renamed Meta; its signature social media app, Facebook; and technology's impact on society in the United States and around the world.

The issues roiling the company are immense: Election and vaccine misinformation. Trading on the data of billions of users. Plans to build the metaverse. Ever-growing scrutiny from regulators here and abroad, as well as its own employees. We are looking for a reporter who sees the big picture, the pros and cons of social media, and wakes up every day driven to tell the story of Meta's global impact across its many platforms, as well as its battle to retain power and influence.

This is one of the most competitive, high-profile beats in journalism, and the ideal candidate must have a track record of developing sources; producing exclusive, insightful coverage; breaking news as well as covering it. We are looking for someone with an instinct for story, who can lock onto targets of consequence and weave a compelling tale. A collaborative spirit is essential: This position marks an expansion of our growing technology team, and this reporter will work closely with colleagues across newsroom, including Elizabeth Dwoskin and others covering social media, misinformation and technology.

The Post strives to provide its readers with high-quality, trustworthy news and information while constantly innovating. That mission is best served by a diverse, multi-generational workforce with varied life experiences and perspectives. All cultures and backgrounds are welcomed.

Candidates should upload a resume and cover letter to our jobs portal by Nov. 29. All application materials can be uploaded to the same field. Your cover letter should be addressed to Business Editor Lori Montgomery, Deputy Business Editor Zachary Goldfarb, Technology Editor Christina Passariello and Deputy Technology Editor Laura Stevens, as well as Managing Editors Tracy Grant and Krissah Thompson.

The Post strives to provide its readers with high-quality, trustworthy news and information while constantly innovating. That mission is best served by a diverse, multi-generational workforce with varied life experiences and perspectives. All cultures and backgrounds are welcomed.

Ever wondered if what you are doing will Impact Tomorrow? At The Washington Post, every employee shapes the way we deliver the news. Find the career that's right for you


Research Engineer (Research Desk)

  • Remote
  • Full time
  • Crypto/Fiat

7 m

Nansen, in brief

  • 🎯 Nansen’s mission is to surface the signal in blockchain data.
  • 💻 Our core product is a SaaS analytics platform used by investors, crypto teams, and analysts.
  • 🌏 Our company HQ is in Singapore, but team members are located all over the world.
  • 🙌 We have an open and friendly work environment: every person helps shape our culture.
  • 🌱 It's important for us that every individual in the team experiences personal growth.

About the role

  • As Research Engineer you'll be working with the Research Desk team to provide bespoke data consultancy and market analysis for crypto space
  • Your contributions to the team will have a big impact, as you help our customers navigate the crypto markets
  • You can be located anywhere in the world, as our work is 100% online
  • The position is full-time

What will you be doing?

  • Understanding blockchain projects to tease out market insights
  • Creating new dashboards to visualize complex smart contract interactions
  • Testing proof of concepts for new dashboards
  • Working with BigQuery, Python microservices and streaming data

Are you the right person for this role?

The ideal candidate for us has:

  • 2+ years work experience as a software engineer or similar role
  • direct experience with the crypto markets (either professionally or as a hobby)
  • an entrepreneurial spirit and the skills to take a (rough) idea and make it reality
  • an eye for detail, but is pragmatic and able to get things done fast
  • great written communication skills in English
  • an ability to self-organize in a remote-first work environment

The following are nice-to-haves (but not a requirement!):

  • fluency with SQL, Solidity and/or Python
  • dashboard building experience
  • experience from the cryptocurrency industry
  • proficiency in other major languages (e.g. Chinese or Spanish)

Ready to apply?

Please send an email to careers@nansen.ai and include:

  1. Brief text on why you're the right candidate for this role
  2. Portfolio (e.g. link to Github)
  3. CV (or link to Linkedin profile)

Polychain Capital

Research Analyst

  • On site
  • Full time
  • Fiat

7 m

Polychain is looking for a macro-thinking cryptocurrency market researcher who has the ability to proactively identify strategic, early stage investment opportunities in companies and protocols with the mission of accelerating the global adoption of cryptocurrency. The candidate should have a deep understanding of computer science, distributed systems, consensus algorithms, networking, game theory and other relevant fields to blockchain technology. The research analyst will be the eyes and ears of market research, constantly plugged into the heartbeat of the cryptocurrency market landscape. 


  • Reasoning through the emerging trends in the space and identifying non-obvious opportunities for deployment of capital
  • Researching early stage investment opportunities in emergent companies and protocols
  • Working with the investment team on due diligence of prospective investments
  • Willingness to travel as necessary 


  • Solid understanding of crypto-economics and blockchain technologies generally
  • Sharp analytical mind with a killer instinct to identify thematic trends in the market
  • Able to explain complex concepts in simple terms to a non-technical audience
  • Obsession with the future of blockchain technology, web3, and low-level protocol development
  • An open minded research approach and genuine intellectual curiosity
  • A degree in a technical area (i.e. mathematics, engineering or computer science) and/or technical experience is strongly preferred
  • 0-4 years of experience


Polychain is an equal opportunity workplace and is an affirmative action employer. Polychain does not make hiring or employment decisions on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, marital status, pregnancy, sex, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation, citizenship, or any other basis protected by applicable local, state or federal law. We also consider qualified applicants with criminal histories, consistent with applicable federal, state and local law.

Set Labs

DeFi Researcher

  • Remote
  • Full time
  • Crypto/Fiat

7 m

Who we are

We’re DeFi pioneers who have been heads-down building infrastructure since 2017 to accelerate the adoption of an open internet financial system.

Through the development of decentralized, non-custodial, crypto asset management tools and financial products, we want to provide everyone the opportunity to access the new financial system in a secure, simple and inclusive way.

What we’ve achieved so far

  • Launched Index Coop, the leading decentralized provider of structured products with one of the most active DAOs and communities in Web3 and DeFi.
  • Grown our TVL to over $500MM from tens of thousands of users, by launching some some of the most successful structured products in the space through the Index Coop, including the DeFi Pulse Index, the Metaverse Index and the ETH2X Flexible Leverage Index
  • Collaborated with leading voices like DeFi Pulse and Bankless for the launch of new products
  • Raised a $14MM Series A led by top-tier crypto funds 1kx and Hashed, with participation from Coinbase Ventures, Mechanism Capital, DeFiance Capital and Spartan Group

About this role

We’re looking to add a DeFi researcher — someone who loves DeFi, markets, financial engineering, and mechanism design. As a key member of the financial product’s team, your mission is to lead technical research into various financial protocols and mechanisms. In this role, you will be working closely with the protocol engineering team on technical design and implementation of structured products and financial primitives.

What you’ll achieve:

  • Exploring and evaluating protocols that can help the team create new or improve existing financial products and primitives
  • Working with protocol engineering team to architect, spec and implement your research
  • Serving as an educational resource for the rest of the team

What you bring:

  • You have deep knowledge of DeFi, crypto communities, and knowledge of traditional finance products. You know what’s happening, what is working and not working
  • You have foundational knowledge of math and/or computer science
  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to discuss and explain technical concepts, solutions and architectures
  • You have extreme open-mindedness to new ideas with a mindset of continuous learning

Don’t check all the boxes? No problem. We’re passionate about building a diverse team, so if you think you’ve got what it takes—apply anyway. While we have a good idea of what we need, we’re ready for you to challenge our thinking on who needs to be in this role.

Why join Set and not another DeFi protocol?

  • Be part of a protocol that puts users safety and risk management first. Set takes great pride in never having been exploited, and being trusted by leading voices in the space
  • Directly impact the premier DeFi asset management protocol, helping us get to the next $500MM TVL, 50K users and beyond
  • Learn the ins and outs of the entire DeFi ecosystem due to our continuous integration with leading protocols like Uniswap, 0x, Aave, Compound and Perpetual Protocol for the development of new innovative products
  • Become part of a tight-knit team that continuously prioritizes growth, learning and collaboration

Our Values

  • Collaborate Empathetically: Be caring to customers / partners, understand people’s actions and what they’re going to need; We proactively understand where people are coming from and try to understand why they do what they do. We recognize that each entity we interact with are human beings. We’re not beneath doing anything, willing to do anything to help others and for us to succeed
  • Deliver Results: Deliver with the right quality and in a timely fashion; We apply judgment to ensure we focus on results vs. process; We think strategically and articulate what we are and are not trying to do
  • No Rugging: Express information in a clear and accurate way without disguising its unpleasantness. Be open, trustworthy, and truthful; Hide no secrets; Do not leave others abruptly in a problematic or difficult situation. If you say you are going to do something, it is assumed you will complete it unless you otherwise communicate.
  • Think Like a Scientist: Create hypothesis, try proving / disproving them, always willing to run experiments and change our minds, intellectual honesty, accepting the brutal truth, keeping an open mind, learn to unlearn / relearn

Benefits of working at Set
We believe people do their best work when they are healthy and happy. At Set, we offer:

  • Competitive salaries and equity compensation
  • Flexible vacation time
  • Health and dental insurance.
  • A flexible remote-friendly work environment

We’re passionate about personal development and providing the resources you need to grow including company offsites, industry conferences and access to online courses or anything else you feel would help you to level up.