Froog Mission Statement

We consider Froog to be an instrumental element of the crypto space. Allow us to explain why we believe this is true, and what sort of impact we are achieving. You can treat this text as the first port of call for understanding what drives, defines, and motivates us. 

Core Beliefs

We strongly believe the crypto and web3 industry is the future of the digital age. We want to instigate this future by empowering talent and companies to connect in a common environment.

Every decision we make is aimed at creating a robust and necessary product within this space. And to ensure we are building the right tools, every member of the Froog team is fully committed to the crypto landscape– meaning we all have an inward knowledge of what the industry needs and how it functions.

Empowering Talent

We are on a mission to create the largest opportunity aggregator within the crypto space. We are doing this through our job discovery and resource pages designed for specific ecosystems (for example, creating dedicated sections for Polygon-related work, explaining why it is a great community to join).

We are working to create candidate profiles, allowing talent to develop a specialized page that frames their achievements, work experience, and qualifications within a crypto and web3 setting. Consider this to be a more streamlined and focused alternative to LinkedIn, designed with the needs and expectations of crypto-talent and crypto-founders.

Empowering Crypto Companies

We are opening up this industry’s growing talent pool and exposing it to crypto companies who are looking to build, scale, and improve their products.

To best do this, we are helping to organise job posts in a systematic and easily-searchable way, as we understand how common it is for enticing job posts to get lost on the web, never to be seen again. 

Galvanising the Crypto Space

We are on a mission to highlight the crypto industry as a core spot for digital innovation. We believe crypto is one of the most significant developments of the online world, teeming with cutting-edge ideas and deeply ambitious individuals.

The community and creativity that is rich within crypto means that if you give this space your full potential, it will give you back a bountiful set of returns. Not only financial returns, but educational, leadership, artistic, thought-provoking, and social returns.

This is a multi-faceted space, and we are treating it with a holistic approach. We are shedding light on a myriad of opportunities, and acting as a springboard for this space to expand and enrich the lives of billions.