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Smart Contract Developer

  • On site
  • Full time
  • Fiat

6 d

Responsibilities :

  • Responsible for smart contracts development, security/audit, deployments, upgrades and managements
  • Working with security team for audits of new contracts and changes
  • Manage governance-related efforts including smart contracts developments, governance app, and operations
  • Making security a top priority and carefully analyzing code changes for potential vulnerabilities
  • Work with existing teams to further optimise, and debug Smart Contracts
  • Work with researchers to find optimal solutions to challenging problems

Requirements :

  • Understands EVM architecture, memory, and stack
  • Experience deploying/managing smart contracts on Ethereum/EVM chains
  • Tenacity to debug the challenging issues for long periods of time. • Passionate about digging into people's code
  • Basic knowledge of solidity security testing tools (eg: Hardhat, Truffle, Slither, Echinda, Mitrhil, etc…)
  • Active member of the dev community will be a plus (e.g. experience contributing to EIPs or being aware of the new protocols being deployed)
  • Comfortable working in an Agile environment
  • Demonstrated contributions to open source code bases a plus
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills; working proficiency in English (written and spoken) to work with team
  • Self-motivating, able to assume responsibility and work autonomously in a professional manner
  • Willingness to learn new languages, frameworks, and technologies


Senior Solidity Developer

  • Hybrid
  • Full time
  • Crypto/Fiat

6 m

Goobig is the ‘smart’ way to play for life changing prizes.

Giving players a transparent, provably fair and real chance to win big crypto jackpots, weekly and daily draws, NFTs, random draws and more all while being able to control their odds and track their chances on our leaderboards.

We have an exciting roadmap, transforming a legacy household game into an interactive smart game to play in to metaverse. We need the team to build it!

Why work at Goobig?

  • We are a rapidly evolving company who are committed to making an impact, being in our infancy means anyone who joins the team plays a critical role in achieving this. You will contribute to building the future of Goobig.
  • We are a young team of creators, we embrace and harness each individuals creativity.
  • We actively explore new ideas and ways of approaching challenges, moving fast and learning from mistakes, knowing when to persevere or when to pivot.
  • Our headquarters is in London, a hub for innovation. We share our workspace with other start ups making collaboration and networking easy. Our office is a space for ideation, strategy and planning and we enjoy coming together as at team to get stuck in.
  • We promote flexible working to ensure that everyone is working to their optimum. We don’t micromanage, we want a team of self starters who care and share our commitment and vision.

What you’ll do at Goobig.

  • Lead the development roadmap
  • Recruit tech talent and build an engineering culture that attracts the best.
  • Use your technical lense to influence and steer decisions on our roadmap and business strategy.

You should get in touch if…

  • You want the opportunity to lead and create, there is huge potential for growth in this role.
  • You are obsessed with technology, and are constantly looking at the latest developments and trends. The Blockchain space is evolving at an exponential rate, staying informed is key to supporting business decisions.
  • You must have Distributed Ledger Technology and Dapp experience.
  • You have a minimum of 6 years experience in Software Development
  • You have in-depth knowledge of decentralisation principles.
  • You have minimum of 2 years experience in Blockchain development.
  • You have proven experience in Ethereum development. Solidity, truffle, hardhat test-rpc/ganache


  • Competitive Salary
  • Stock options
  • Unlimited holiday

Unifi Protocol

Solidity Developer

  • Remote
  • Full time
  • Fiat

6 m

Unifi Protocol is seeking a Solidity Developer to assist our development team in creating the best applications possible.

About Us:

We are a passionate start-up and have been operating in the crypto/blockchain space for the past three years. We currently operate DeFi (cryptocurrency decentralized finance) exchanges, staking nodes, and DAO governance on over five different blockchains. We also have various other applications/initiatives in our development pipeline.

About You:

  • The ideal candidate will have a strong passion for blockchain and emerging technologies.
  • An ability to pivot and brainstorm new challenges. Our industry changes quickly, and you should want to solve new and interesting challenges.
  • Experience analyzing, designing, and implementing smart contracts and DeFi protocols.
  • Strong spoken English and Spanish, as our Development team is located in Madrid, Spain and our Marketing/Operations team is mainly based in the United States.

Starting at UNIFI:

During the onboarding period, you will be required to work out of our Madrid office space. After the onboarding period, it will be a requirement to attend various brainstorming and co-working times in the Madrid office space.

Solidity Developer Responsibilities:

  • Review current smart contracts and optimize functionality
  • Collaborate with organizational partners on aspects of product development to identify areas of improvement.
  • Design complex smart contracts based on requirements provided by our CEO and development team to assist in the growth and effectiveness of our platforms.
  • Suggest creative solutions to challenging problems, and work collaboratively with our team to implement ideas.


  • Extensive knowledge of smart contracts on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Tron, Ontology, Harmony, Iotex and the ability to adapt to future blockchains
  • Solid conceptual understanding of full stack software development including system architecture, web serving infrastructure, and database design
  • The ability to keep abreast of industry trends, specifically pertaining to smart contracts.
  • Exceptional analytical and problem solving skills
  • Experience with workflow management methods such as Kanban or Scrum


Solidity Smart Contract Engineer / Web3

  • Remote
  • Contract
  • Crypto/Fiat

6 m


We're a tiny web3 company currently building in stealth mode.


Hiring a web3 developer who is experienced with writing smart contracts in solidity for Ethereum. Must also have familiarity with NFTs and current NFT trends.


Handling the entire web3 portion of our site.
- smart-contract creation
- minting functionality with specifications
- wallet connect
- SVG image generation


  • experience with solidity
  • experience with NFTs
  • excellent verbal & written communication skills


This is a contract position with a negotiated rate, with the potential for a further part-time or full-time position in the company.


Lead Solidity Developer

  • Remote
  • Full time
  • Crypto

7 m

Who are we looking for?

We are seeking an experienced Solidity Dev that has significantly contributed to the build and launch of a project. Ideally this developer would be familiar with DeFi, DAOs and yield farming. We love passionate people and hope to call in someone excited about the 'blockchain-for-good' space who wants to help us Build the Future of Giving.

Further qualifications include understanding how to fork and adapt previously audited contracts from other projects to re-purpose them for our own use and a willingness to do other backend development work, not only Solidity, as we are a small collaborative team.

Tasks that need your help

(90%) Collaborate on development and implementation of Giveth Smart Contracts

○ Work with project, product & dev team to execute agile project plans

○ Own Solidity development work - forking and adapting previously audited contracts from other projects for our own use

○ Sometimes owning sprint tasks that require other backend work beyond Solidity development

○ Participate in weekly Community Call (currently ~1 hour/week) & GIV Token Sprints (currently ~2 hours/week)

○ During calls, provide updates on the GitHub issues you are owning and request support from the team when necessary - always be clear about your bandwidth and priorities

○ Participate in 1-on-1 and small group hack sessions to accomplish specific tasks throughout the sprint so we can complete our goals by the end of sprints

○ Review completed issues, mark them as ‘Done’ once all acceptance criteria have been met

○ Cultivate relationships of trust with our team, allies and collaborators

(10%) Supporting the development of Giveth TRACE and the new giveth.io applications

○ Use the Giveth DApps!

○ Test the new features before the features go live.

○ Give feedback to the team to help make the Dapps more user friendly.

○ Be passionate, learn and share about Giveth, our projects and our allies too.

Build the Future of Giving

While we are open to a variety of backgrounds to accomplish these goals, we are calling for dedicated Solidity development professionals. Ideally, you are someone who is focused, dedicated, fluent in English, with a track record of successfully developing and launching crypto projects remotely.

We are dedicated to building systems that appreciate value creation in the care work and stewardship of Public Goods which is currently under appreciated. Giveth is the critical interface that allows the legacy world to connect to the blockchain revolution that can value this important work and make it regenerative.

How to Apply

Do you want to join our international team of changemakers and help us get there? Please apply directly through our cryptojoblist application and be sure to attach your resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a cover letter telling us why you are a good fit.

If you have any issues with the application, you can contact us directly by emailing givethdotio@gmail.com with the subject header “Giveth Solidity Developer.”

Idle DAO

Smart Contract Developer - Idle DAO

  • Remote
  • Full time
  • Crypto
  • Monthly $4k-$11k

7 m

The Idle DAO (https://idle.finance) is looking for a remote full-time (or part-time) Smart Contract Developer for the next 3-months work mandate.

About Idle DAO
Idle is a decentralized protocol dedicated to bringing automatic asset allocation and yield aggregation to the interest-bearing tokens economy.

The Idle protocol is governed by a DAO (the Idle Governance) represented by $IDLE token holders. The DAO manages the strategic decisions of the protocol through the IIPs (Idle Improvement Proposals), enabling community participants to contribute to the protocol’s future developments.

What is a League
Leagues are organizational units composed of ecosystem participants, elected by the Governance for the protocol growth. Each League pursues activities in a specific field and is responsible for its own budget, managed through a multi-signature wallet.

Members are elected by the Idle DAO, through community snapshot polls, and are in charge for the mandate duration (currently 3 months).

It would be great to see experience in:
- Software Engineering;
- Testing smart contracts and related infrastructure;
- Solidity and smart contract development
- Understanding Blockchain networks;
- Technical and practical understanding of DeFi
- Remote working

As a Smart Contract Developer, you will handle activities such as:
- Build new Idle strategies and products on top of the protocol;
- Deploy IIPs and contracts approved by the Governance;
- Perform security reviews for Idle’s upcoming products;
- Provide technical feedback on community discussions and new technologies.

Seniority and Compensation
You can take a look at the seniority levels and the related monthly compensations here: https://cutt.ly/kT8DDwF

How to apply (requirement)
Follow the instructions described in the official Idle forum post and apply here: https://gov.idle.finance/t/job-dev-league-m4-open-applications/746

Yearn Finance

Senior Mechanic Dev

  • Remote
  • Full time
  • Crypto

7 m

A solidity developer with senior engineering experience who initiate and lead yMechs projects. This person will need to be able to mentor junior team members as well. Same responsibilities as a Junior yMechanic, except with the expectation that this person will lead efforts along with existing Senior yMechs.  Will also need Python & JavaScript experience.


Blockhain Developer (Solidity)

  • Remote
  • Full time
  • Crypto/Fiat

7 m

Mars4 is looking for a highly capable blockchain developer to design, implement, and distribute a secure blockchain-based network.


Senior Solidity Developer

  • Remote
  • Full time
  • Crypto/Fiat

7 m

BloxStaking is a leading provider of innovative blockchain technology solutions for developers, businesses and consumers. BloxStaking is a highly regarded pioneer in the crypto space, having launched one of the leading platforms for crypto tax, accounting and asset management. Our new staking service, Blox Staking, will introduce a more convenient way to become a validator and start staking ETH 2.

We are looking for an enthusiastic, Senior Solidity Developer to be a part of one of the strongest development teams in the local blockchain space and ETH2 in particular. This is a unique opportunity and a huge challenge, as you will be responsible for a significant part of the product at a crucial point of development. Come work with a young, fun and dedicated development team!

As a Senior Solidity developer at BloxStaking you will be a part of the team building the next phase of ETH2 staking pools and SSV technology. You’ll be required to develop complex smart contracts, implement token economics specifications and build the infrastructure for the Secret Shared Validator consensus layer alongside industry leaders and the Ethereum Foundation.

What we’re offering:

  • Be a part of building a large scale, big data, cloud-based platform from its early stages
  • Technical and development experience with ‘bleeding edge’ technologies
  • Join the success of a well-funded, promising startup
  • A chance to dive deep into the blockchain and cryptocurrency world
  • If you’re passionate about new technologies, have high autodidative skills and goal-oriented mentality, Bloxstaking is definitely the place for you.

Position Requirements:

  • Deep technological understanding of cryptocurrency
  • At Least 5 years of server side development experience
  • At least 2 years of Solidity development
  • At least one other programming language (Go/ Python/ JavaScript)
  • "Can do - Mentality " and team player qualities


  • Deep conceptual, technological understanding of Ethereum
  • Familiarity with P2P networks
  • Experience picking up existing open source solutions and working with them
  • Strong knowledge of common algorithms and data structures
  • Familiarity with cryptography
  • BSc degree in Computer Science or relevant field or equivalent
  • Any knowledge of Blockchain/ Digital Currencies / Staking


Senior Solidity Developer

  • Remote - specific timezones
  • Full time
  • Crypto/Fiat

7 m

At Toucan, we are building the infrastructure to reverse climate change.

The climate crisis stems largely from a misalignment of incentives. Polluters don’t pay for their emissions. The voluntary carbon credit market is changing this, enabling companies to offset their emissions by paying projects to capture carbon. Today, this market is highly wasteful due to a lack of liquid markets, forcing projects to go through layers of financial middlemen that extract the majority of money from credits.

Toucan is enabling a web3 regenerative finance ecosystem, by bridging carbon credits into crypto and pooling them in standardized categories. We have created the first globally accessible and liquid market for voluntary carbon credits. Working with T1 DeFi protocols and the community we enable carbon credits to be used as collateral, yields and money, as well as a huge range of novel applications. In the first week, our Base Carbon Tonne did 845m$ in volume and we bridged 8m tonnes of CO2, equivalent to the emissions of Costa Rica. We are just getting started, and need top talent that want maximum leverage in solving the climate crisis. This is where you come in!

Your role

As our new Senior Solidity Developer, you will join a team of experienced developers in building out the Toucan bridging and pooling infrastructure to develop new DeFi primitives that connect to web3 carbon markets.

Your responsibilities will include the following:

- You will be working in a highly collaborative agile team and involved in all aspects of the product's development
- You will be expected, within a short ramp-up period, to make major contributions to the product’s development across the full stack
- You will contribute to the requirements (tech specs) drafting / analysis.
- Where appropriate you may coach / mentor other members of the development team.
- Assist in maintaining the product's extensive CI/CD pipeline
- Contribute high quality and well-tested Solidity code, including smart contract development using Hardhat
- Execute comprehensive unit and integration test coverage (including some Javascript testing)

You most likely have the following:

- 6+ years experience in software development
- 1+ years experience in Solidity development with a track record of projects deployed to an EVM mainnet
- Experience with Ethereum development tools (e.g. unit testing, OpenZeppelin, ethers.js, Hardhat)
- Strong knowledge of EVM internals
- Experienced in DevOps and CI/CD, and deployment systems
- Deep understanding of git, best practices in repo management and agile processes
- Available in American / European timezone

This said, if you feel you are a great candidate but don't tick every box, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team.