Product Manager - Blockchain Apps



  • Remote
  • Full time
  • Fiat
  • 70k - 120k $/y

Product Manager - Blockchain Apps


  • Remote
  • Full time
  • Fiat
  • 70k - 120k $/y
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Spacemesh is a fairly-mined cryptocurrency and smart contracts platform built on a novel proof-of-space-time consensus protocol. Spacemesh is distributed as a public good and as open source software and is being built by a diverse and multinational remote team of designers, researchers, and developers.

We are developing a set of apps that make the core Spacemesh platform usable and accessible to everyone, including people without special technical skills. For example, the Spacemesh App makes it easy for anyone to run the full Spacemesh p2p software and to mine Spacemesh coins on a consumer-grade PC with just a few mouse clicks.

We are looking for a product manager to lead product development and project management of several apps built on the core Spacemesh platform. These apps include the Spacemesh AppSMRepl, a command line app for technical users, the Spacemesh Dashboard and the Spacemesh Explorer. This is a full time remote position reporting to the Spacemesh chief product officer and co-founder.


  1. Manage product building projects dev cycles.
  2. Create interactive prototypes for new product features.
  3. Gather and summarize product feedback from app users, the Spacemesh community and from team members and recommend product improvements and new features prioritization based on user feedback.
  4. Conduct physical and virtual usability studies of new features and user journeys.
  5. Write detailed product requirements and user journeys based on high-level requirements and the Spacemesh product vision and effectively communicate them to software developers and visual designers across several teams.
  6. Define and publish product development milestones and feature-set.
  7. Write and maintain user guides and other online support materials.
  8. Produce and write scripts for video tutorials and demos.

Must Haves

  • Great project management skills.
  • Great written and verbal English communication skills.
  • Good technical writing skills.
  • Ability to learn, understand and explain complex technical concepts in simple terms to non-technical people.
  • Passion for cryptocurrencies, blockchains, web3 and NFTs
  • Hands-on experience using a wallet for crypto transactions and other scenarios.
  • A career goal to grow and develop as project and product manager in the blockchain space and passion to become a senior product and project manager in a distributed team.
  • Ability to quickly learn new software tools and workflows such as Figma for rapid prototyping.
  • Ability to create visual sketches and diagrams that explain complex processes.

Nice to haves

  • An undergraduate college degree with software product development, interactive design, visual design or game development studies.
  • Familiarity with agile modern software development methodologies.

Relevant Experience

  • Working on blockchain apps such as wallets or dapps/web3 sites.
  • Managing a software development project.
  • Working with software developers and visual designers.
  • Working with Figma and similar tools.
  • Writing technical specifications.
  • Using wallet applications and dApps on smart contracts platforms such as Ethereum.

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