JavaScript Developer for Fairdrive protocol

Swarm Association


  • Remote - specific timezones
  • Contract
  • Crypto/Fiat

JavaScript Developer for Fairdrive protocol

Swarm Association

  • Remote - specific timezones
  • Contract
  • Crypto/Fiat
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JavaScript Developer for Fairdrive protocol

Swarm is a system of peer-to-peer networked nodes for a decentralised storage and communication service.

Swarm could shape the future towards a self-sovereign global society and permissionless open markets. On Swarm, applications run autonomously yet securely in a planetary-scale deployment and execution environment.

The storage layer of FairOS, the Decentralised File System(dfs) uses Swarm as the base storage thereby inheriting all the benefits of Swarm. On top of that, it builds other storage business logic, to expose things needed for an application to run. Think of Swarm as the device driver of the hard disk inside your laptop and FairOs-dfs as the Ext4 file system and other databases that run on top of it, except that FairOS-dfs does this for a group of computers instead of one.

The Decentralized File System (dfs) is a stateless layer over Swarm. It uses the building blocks provided by Swarm and exposes high level storage functions like:

  • Creation of Users
  • Logical Drives / Pods
  • File system
  • Key Value Database (like levelDB)
  • Document Database (like mongoDB)
  • Permission Management
  • Payments and Charging

FairOS-dfs can be used along with Swarm to enable web 3.0 Dapps. Following are some of the use cases that it can be used:

  • Personal data store (like de-centralised Dropbox)
  • Distributed Application data store (ex: email app, photo app, content management system, code hub, video app etc.)
  • Data sharing with everyone over the internet (Wikipedia, Open Street Map, Ethereum transactions etc.)

Fairdrive protocol is aimed to be a set of specifications and reference implementations with 6 milestones. The first 5 are about creating a web3 ecosystem and utilizing the potential of Ethereum Swarm. The last planned step is about tackling integrations with other P2P and web3 systems.

Your role

  • FairOS-dfs data structure and logic implementation in JS (in tandem with a golang developer maintaining FairOS golang)
  • Porting FairOS-dfs features to Javascript
  • Porting FairOS-dfs/Bee integration features to Javascript
  • Contributing to Fairdrive protocol proposal writing
  • Registry library implementation
  • CLI tools implementation
  • FD-pre-processor library implementation
  • Auth library (Authentication + Authorisation) implementation
  • Web3 Backend framework implementation
  • High-level data structures implementation

Your profile

  • Proficiency in Javascript
  • Deep understanding of web3 architecture
  • Experience in writing technical documentation
  • Ideally has knowledge of data structures, formal computer science background

Swarm offers/Team perks:

  • An open, flat and transparent work environment
  • 100% remote friendly
  • Flexible working hours
  • We care about our swarm: Incentives through BZZ, Swarm’s token

Should you be interested in the position, please send your CV to

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