Community Engager

Evolves Tech


Company url: Evolves Tech

Location: Remote - specific timezones

Position: Part time

Organization: Hybrid(Dao/Trad.Entity)

Role: Community Manager

Salary: Crypto/Fiat

Salary/Year: $30K / 60K annually

ApplyApply via email

We are looking for a community engager with higher than average knowledge in the crypto realm.

We need a person that is good at engaging in a relevant conversation and keeping people interested.

The Moderator/Engager task is as follows:

We would expect you to be active throughout the whole time period that we would agree on - be that 4-6-8 hours (the payment will be by the hour) - being active means that we would want you to post relevant to the project (either crypto, NFT or Metaverse related) news in the #news-channnel, to post something in the #meme / #off-topic channels from time to time and most importantly keep the #general chat active at all times. The gaps between your activity in the #general chat must not be greater than 30 minutes.

Once you are introduced in to the community we will expect you to get to know the basics of the project for which you will be working (we will, of course, send you files that you can read through) and additional to keeping a relevant conversation answer basic questions for the members.

ApplyApply via email